No more expiration dates for portable permanent MVD disability placards

PHOENIX – Motorists who qualify for a permanent disability placard no longer need to worry about the portable credential expiring.

Qualifying Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division customers with a disability are now being issued blue permanent placards that have no expiration date. A new state law eliminated the previous five-year renewal requirement.

The portable blue placard is designed as a convenience for disabled motorists who may use more than one vehicle or for family members, friends or caregivers who drive a disabled person in a vehicle without a disability plate. The red temporary disability placard that’s valid for six months is unchanged.

Blue placards with an expiration date should eventually be exchanged for a permanent placard, which can be done at any time regardless of the expiration date. Customers should go to and click on the “Permanent Placard Replacement” link. There is no charge.

There are no changes to the underlying requirements for qualifying for a permanent or temporary disability placard or license plate.