New Officers Elected for Eastern Arizona Museum

L-R: Clint Woods, Darwin Weech, Anna Jane Jarvis & Karrie Wright

The annual meeting of the Eastern Arizona Museum and Historical Society of Graham County, Inc. was held on 26 April 2022, in the recently renovated old drug store building, which is part of the buildings comprising the museum in Pima.

Finances were reviewed as well as the events and activities of the recent Heritage Days celebrations.    Many thanks to all of those in the communities that donated time, food and or finances that made this event a success.

The raffle drawing was held in the Willman Carter Farm Museum as the Cowboy Breakfast on Saturday ended. Pauline Stidham was the winner of the beautiful queen-sized Pinwheel Picnic Quilt created by one of her quilting class members, Judy Phegley, and which was quilted by Donita Rhodes. Two walking sticks were crafted with carvings of AZ remembrances and kindly donated by Ray Metcalf. Brenda Colvin and Sharon McBride were the lucky winners of the walking sticks. The beautiful Stauer blue sapphire stoned jewelry, donated by Edres Barney, was won by Lynn Kempton Perry.

Those presented and voted as new members of the board were Trisha Martinez, Mela Christiansen and Debbie Larson.  When asked why they wished to become board members Trisha responded, “to give back to the community and pride in my heritage. To get involved.” Mela responded with an emotional, “This is my heritage.” The museum truly does have remembrances of many Gila Valley families. Anyone wishing to become a board member is welcome to leave a message at the museum by calling during operating hours which are Thursdays-Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. The museum phone number is 928-485-9400.

Other things discussed at the meeting were the bylaws needing some adjustments which will be revamped and discussed further at the next meeting. Further concerns, repairs and renovations were discussed. The Willman Carter Farm Museum roof and structure will be the next main focus. Several board members are conducting research for possible help on repairs. Those wishing to volunteer their help, please call the museum. The Haunted House held in the Farm Museum the last several years was also discussed with possible changes for this year. Further discussion will occur at the next meeting.

The new officers which were proposed and approved by vote are:

  • President: Clint Woods
  • Vice President: Darwin Weech
  • Secretary: Anna Jane Jarvis
  • Treasurer/Curator: Karrie Wilson

Many thanks to the previous officers of the 2021-22 year as we know Shawn Wright, Clint Woods, Anna Jane Jarvis and Karrie Wilson have donated many hours in helping and improving the museum.Many thanks to the current board members for their service as well as other members of the community.  The museum would be “toast” without you!