New law banning teens from using cell phone while driving takes effect Sunday

On Sunday morning, Arizona will no longer be one of two states with no restrictions on motorists’ use of cellphones while driving.

The new law, taking effect July 1st, applies only to teens with a learner’s permit or those who are within the first six months of being allowed to drive. During the permit phase and in the first six months of the graduated license phase, teens cannot use a cell phone while driving.

No talking. No texting.

Police will be prohibited from citing those drivers solely because they are seen texting or talking on their phones. Motorists can be ticketed for cellphone use only if they are stopped for some other reason, like speeding.

Teen drivers will be allowed to use a phone’s turn-by-turn navigation system – but only if they enter the location before they start driving and don’t adjust it while behind the wheel.

Penalties start at $75.00 for a first offense. A third offense is a $100.00 fine and loss of license for 30-days.