Nelson Illusions Coming to David M. Player Center for the Arts

cannon again2 Nelson Illusions will be performing Friday, April 8th, at the David M. Player Center for the Arts. Undoubtedly you’ve seen the signs around town, but you’ve probably never heard of Nelson Illusions.  To put it simply, Nelson Illusions is a theatrical special that combines rare and original magic illusions from around the world.

There will be several classic illusions, including the woman who is sawn in half. However, there will also be the newer illusions such as a woman who risks death on the point of a giant industrial drill. Their act has won them multiple awards, and feature four Master Magicians. Each magician is expert in their craft and has their own unique style.tada
The Nelson Illusions show is the largest touring illusionist show in the United States, and they carry over 30,000 pounds of equipment. This show is three times larger than the average magic show. It combines romance, mystery, comedy, and drama into a night of entertainment you won’t want to miss. In the act, not only is there death-defying stunts, but floating women, and a man who melts through solid steel.

Tickets are available now at and at Richard’s Music on Main Street. For any questions, call 928-348-7070

Copy of Scott _ Sharii Floating Lady