Morenci tennis girls falter in Thatcher, verses Safford; bounce back over Jackets

Photo By Raymundo Frasquillo: Morenci freshman Monica Gonzales taps the ball back during a pairing with Safford’s Keiryn Lines on March 7. She is 1-6 as the Wildcats’ No. 4 seed. Morenci lost to Thatcher and Safford but beat Tombstone.

By Raymundo Frasquillo

MORENCI – The Brenda Street-coached Morenci girls tennis team fell 0-9 to both the Eagles in Thatcher on March 6 and to the Safford Bulldogs in Morenci on March 7, but bounced back to down the Yellow Jackets 6-3 in Tombstone on March 10.

Morenci (5-2) has gone 25-17 in singles and 12-9 in doubles through two weeks of competition.

Individually, No. 1 sophomore Arisela Morales and No. 5 freshman Reona Alvarez are both 4-3; No. 6 freshman Corrie White 3-4; No. 3 freshman Keona Cortez 2-5 and both No. 2 senior Byranna Salaiz and No. 4 freshman Monica Gonzales are 1-6 in singles play.

In doubles, the No. 1 Morales – Salaiz and No. 2 Alvarez – Madalyn Wright duos are both 2-3; No. 3 Gonzales – Cortez 1-0; Morales – Alvarez, Salaiz – Gonzales and Cortez – Wright are 0-2 apiece, and Gonzales – White is 0-4.

Morenci welcomes the Pima Roughriders March 14.

Morenci at Tombstone

The Wildcats triumphed in four singles and two doubles matches.

Morenci’s singles wins were posted by Morales, 9-7 over Ali Armenta; Cortez, 8-4 over Hailey Swanson; Alvarez, 8-1 over Cassi Hancock and by White, 8-2 over Maria Perez.

In doubles, Morales – Salaiz blanked Bryant – Hancock, 8-0, and Gonzales – Cortez received a forfeit.

The losses were by Salaiz, 3-8 to Paris Bryant and by Gonzales, 6-8 to Madalyn Moore in singles, and 6-8 by Alvarez – Wright to Swanson – Moore in doubles.

Photo By Raymundo Frasquillo: Freshman Reona Alvarez (4-3) serves to Safford’s Keinna Brock during a March 7 match, falling 2-6 twice. The No. 5 seed also fell to Thatcher’s Wright in two sets and defeated Tombstone’s Cassi Hancock last week.

Morenci vs. Safford

Morenci ended 0-6 in singles and 0-3 in doubles.

Singles losses were 0-6 and 2-6 by Morales to Polly Evans; 0-6 and 1-6 by Salaiz to Christine Shumway; 0-6 twice by Cortez to Aleesha Clonts; 2-6 and 1-6 by Gonzales to Keiryn Lines; 2-6 twice by Alvarez to Keinna Brock, plus 1-6 and 0-6 by White to Issy Alder.

The doubles losses were all 0-10 by Morales – Alvarez, Salaiz – Gonzales and Cortez – Wright to Evans – Lines,  Shumway – Clonts, and Brock – Alder, respectively.

Morenci at Thatcher

The Wildcats went 0-6 in singles and 0-3 in doubles.

Singles losses were 3-6 and 1-6 by Morales to Bryce; 0-6 twice by Salaiz to Greer; 1-6 and 0-6 by Cortez to Whitmer; 0-6 and 1-6 by Gonzales to Brown; 1-6 and 0-6 by Alvarez to Wright, plus 0-6 and 2-6 by White to Sampson.

The doubles losses were 0-10 by Morales – Alvarez to Bryce – Whitmer and by Salaiz – Gonzales, and 1-10 by Cortez – Wright to Wright – Sampson.