MGRMC readies for pandemic impact

SAFFORD – Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center has announced it has implemented plans to handle COVID-19 cases if Graham and Greenlee counties see an increase.

In a letter to community partners, hospital CEO Roland Knox said the hospital has established a COVID-19 response team that includes physicians, clinical directors, members of administration and others on an as-needed basis.

In addition, the hospital is providing COVID-19 testing for Graham County per CDC and Arizona Department of Health Service guidelines. However, the hospital does not determine who is being tested.

“. . . Anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms should first contact their primary care physician via phone. Every clinic has procedures in place for those individuals. Our concern is that during this time of heightened anxiety, flu-like symptoms might rise in the minds of many to the level of emergency. This is not the case and, unfortunately, an influx of patients into our Emergency Department who are experiencing these symptoms but are not emergent could overwhelm our facility,” Knox said.

The hospital has already restricted visitation to one essential person per patient, and all essential visitors are temperature tested before entering. If the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, or that person exhibits any illness, entrance is prohibited.

In addition, all elective procedures have been canceled or postponed to preserve medical supplies.