Man with warrant tries evading police by hiding in cotton field

Deputies and officers from other law enforcement agencies responded to reports of domestic violence Sunday afternoon after neighbors reported a couple arguing. A male suspect had reportedly walked away from the incident carrying a knife and an axe. While enroute, officers were advised the man had a warrant for his arrest.

At least 10 officers arrived and set up a perimeter to search for the man. Officers made contact with the man’s girlfriend who said that her boyfriend had grabbed her by her hair and hit her in the head. She showed them a lump on the back of her head.

A neighbor told police that the man had walked into a nearby cotton field and ducked down. Officers went to the area and found the man laying down but the knife and axe he reportedly had were not found. The man was placed in handcuffs and read his rights.

The man said that he was inside the residence sleeping when his girlfriend came in and started yelling at him. He said that he told her he was leaving and began packing his things into his car. He said that his girlfriend started throwing things at him and his car but missed. He admitted that he threw a rock at her car and broke the window. He claimed that he never had a knife or axe, saying that they were yard tools and were back at the house. The man denied getting physical with his girlfriend. He told authorities that she was just trying to get him in trouble because she knew he had a warrant.

The girlfriend’s story was somewhat different. She said that she had been scolding her son about something while her boyfriend was sleeping. She said that he was drunk and woke up yelling at her. She said they began arguing and her boyfriend grabbed her hair and hit her on the head. She told authorities that he had slugged her in the arm around Thanksgiving and showed them a fist-sized bruise on her arm. She said that she hasn’t reported prior abuse out of fear for her safety. She said that she had tried to get a restraining order in the past but was denied.

She said that her boyfriend had her clothes and debit card and asked if she could retrieve them from his car. The boyfriend denied having any of her clothes or belongings but gave permission to look in his car. He said that he didn’t want her taking any of his clothes that were in the car, but agreed that any women’s clothing in the car was not his and she could take them.

The woman found her clothes and other belongings along with children’s clothing and toys in the man’s car. When the boyfriend was told about the items they found, he tried to claim that the women’s clothes were not hers and belonged to somebody else. However, he agreed to let her take them from his car.

The man was booked into the Graham County Jail on the outstanding warrant as well as additional charges of assault and criminal damage.