Man tries to flee after running stop sign

SAFFORD – On Monday, a Safford police officer was on his patrol route in his fully marked police vehicle when he noticed a vehicle that failed to stop correctly at a stop sign. As the vehicle continued down the road, the officer activated his emergency lights but the vehicle did not yield. When the officer activated his emergency siren, the vehicle led him on a pursuit with tires smoking and nearly losing control while turning corners. The officer deactivated his emergency lights and siren but kept the vehicle in sight. The vehicle came to a stop in the 300 block of 4th Street. A witness informed the officer the man ran east on foot. Other officer’s were informed of the direction the man was running and later the man identified as Robert Grado, was caught.

Authorities have had several dealings with Grado in the past. After Grado was handcuffed, he was asked why he ran and he answered that it was because he had a warrant for a parole violation. Dispatch had confirmed Grado’s outstanding warrant, and also a suspended drivers license. Detectives recovered Grado’s hat from where witnesses said he had ran. After transporting Grado to the jail, the officer asked him why he didn’t pull over even though his emergency lights and siren were on. Grado responded that he thought there was a chance he could get away, he knew that he had a warrant and that he was going to go back to prison if he was caught.