Man starts fight in bar, flees when police are called

Safford police officers responded to a call regarding a fight at the American Club last Tuesday at approximately 1:15 a.m. When officers arrived, they found a man lying unconscious on the floor near the front door. There were three pools of blood  near the man. The man’s friend said that the man had been hit in the face by a toll male with a beard, wearing a blue “LA” hat. The man said that he and his friend had come to the bar together and were sitting on stools by the front entrance when a man came up to them and punched one of them in the mouth, which caused a laceration from his teeth being pushed into his lip. As the man dropped to the floor he hit his head on the bar stool. An ambulance was called to evaluate the man’s condition.

The reporting party said that when the first man was struck and dropped to the floor, his assailant continued to hit him. The victim’s friend got between the two and tried to stop the aggressor from hitting the man. The second man said that he was struck at least twice in the scuffle and believed that a third party may have been hitting him as well. The two men continued to exchange blows as their fight moved outside. A woman finally stepped in between them and broke up the fight. The aggressor went back into the bar until he heard that the police had been called. He then fled on foot in an unknown direction.

Neither victim wanted to press charges but one of them told police that they thought the man who hit was named, Dylan. The suspect has not yet been positively identified.