Man runs over wife’s foot during domestic dispute

SAFFORD – Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence south of Safford Sunday evening at approximately 8:00 p.m., regarding a domestic dispute between a husband wife. Initial reports indicated that the husband ran over the wife as he was trying to leave the residence.

When deputies arrived they interviewed the wife, who was still at the residence. The woman initially told authorities that she had gotten drunk due to all the problems she was having at home. She said that she and her husband had gotten into an argument. She said that her husband wanted to leave because she was being mean. The couple was reportedly arguing in the bedroom and she would not allow her husband to leave. The husband managed to get past her and tried to leave. When he got into his car, she threw rocks at the car. According to the police report, the vehicle had rocks on top of the hood and roof. There was also damage to the driver’s side window, windshield, hood, driver’s-side door and the front right quarter panel.

The husband then got into the wife’s car and locked the doors. The wife said that she stood behind the car to try to prevent him from leaving. As he attempted to drive around her, he ran over her foot. She admitted that it was accidental.

The deputy told the woman that he was going to arrange for the woman to be taken to the hospital to be treated for her foot injury. She told him that she could just go stay with a friend. The deputy told her that she was being detained and was not free to leave. He told her that she might end up in jail. The woman asked why she might be going to jail. The deputy said that she might be arrested for criminal damage to the vehicle. She argued that the car belonged to her and that she could do whatever she wants to it. The deputy told her that wasn’t true. The woman wanted to argue the point but the ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital.

A friend of the couple arrived and told deputies that she could take the couple’s children. A deputy made contact with the husband who agreed to let the woman take them. The deputy went to the hospital and suggested the woman contact a friend to stay with for a while. She said that her mother was coming to pick her up.

The woman may be facing charges of criminal damage, domestic violence and disorderly conduct.