Man reported as driving erratically, cited for possession

SAFFORD – Saturday night officers were dispatched to the area of 8th Avenue and 8th Street in response to the report of a man driving erratically, nearly striking another vehicle at a four way stop, and throwing beer cans out of the vehicle.

Authorities arrived in the area where the vehicle was last seen, just in time to see a vehicle matching the description leaving a residence and begin heading toward Highway 70. Police followed behind the car observing the vehicle switching lanes and activating their turn signal but not allowing enough space before making the turns. The officer pulled over the vehicle and recognized the passenger, who smelled strongly of alcohol, as Christopher Garrobo. When the officer explained why the vehicle had been pulled over and the report made about the erratic driving, Garrobo stated he had not been driving, because he has been drinking. Police could smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle as the officer spoke with them. When asked, Garrobo told authorities that neither he nor the driver had a medical marijuana card. After Garrobo was handcuffed, police located in his pockets, a piece of a marijuana pipe that still had burnt marijuana in it. According to the police report, Garrobo admitted the pipe was his and he had smoked marijuana earlier and the car probably still smells. When the car was searched, a small marijuana bud on the driver side floor board was found, that Garrobo stated was his and he sometimes smoke marijuana. Garrobo was issued a citation for possession of marijuana and released from the scene.