Man caught after DVD theft

SAFFORD – Around 5:30 pm, Saturday, an officer was dispatched to Walmart where they were informed a Hispanic male was seen by an Asset Protection employee walking quickly towards the houseware section with a 4K DVD player. The male was later identified as Eddie Carr. When Carr walked out of housewares, the DVD was in a Walmart shopping bag. As Carr was heading to the Tire Lube entrance, Asset Protection confronted him and asked for the receipt. After the employee identified himself multiple times, Carr ran out of the store and headed down 8th Street.

Another officer caught Carr around the entrance of Lexington Pine on Highway 70. Carr admitted to the officer he was the one who had stolen the merchandise and that he had hid it. Carr took the officer to retrieve the DVD player and then he was transported back to Walmart. The total cost of the DVD player was $106.92. Walmart wanted to pursue charges and trespass Carr from the property.

Carr was transported and booked in the Graham County Jail.