Man busted for false reporting – and other stuff

SAFFORD – A Safford police officer on patrol last Friday at approximately 1:20 am, observed a white, 4-door hatch back in the parking lot of the Giant gas station on Thatcher Blvd. The driver was putting air in the tires. The officer noticed that the vehicle’s registration was expired, so he approached the driver to let him know. The officer told the driver, later identified as David Blan, that he was not going to cite him for his expired registration but that he needed to get it renewed.

The officer asked Blan for his name and Blan said that his name was James Bland. The officer asked Blan for his date of birth and he first said he was born one year, then quickly corrected himself and gave a different year for his birth. The officer asked if Blan had any ID and he said, “no.” The officer noticed that Blan was getting nervous. His hands were trembling and he was having a hard time standing still. The officer asked him why he was nervous, and Blan said that it was because he was driving without his driver’s license. The officer asked if Blan had anything illegal in the car and he said, “no,” and gave the officer permission to search it.

In the back seat there was a safety vest. In the pocket of the vest the officer saw a picture ID with Blan’s picture and real name. He ran Blan’s name through dispatch and discovered that Blan had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest for theft of a firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia. The officer handcuffed Blan and put him in the back of his patrol car.

Blan then started complaining of heart problems. He was transported to the emergency room for evaluation. Once cleared, he was booked into the Graham County Jail and booked on the warrant.