Man allegedly assaulted during child exchange

Safford Police were called to the Walmart parking lot at around 6:20pm on Sunday, November 18th, in response to an alleged assault. When the officer arrived, he spoke to the victim who stated that he had gone to meet the mother of his children to exchange a child that they had together.

When he met up with his ex-girlfriend, two of her sisters and and her father were with her. The ex-girlfriend’s father apparently started yelling at him, accusing him of planting drugs in his car so his ex-girlfriend would get caught with it. The ex-girlfriend’s father allegedly grabbed the man by the shirt collar and pushed him up against a car, then punched him in the head. The two men apparently continued to scuffle until the two sisters broke it up. The ex-girlfriend, her sisters and father then left.

The man told authorities that he wanted to press charges for assault. The officer photographed marks by the man’s shirt collar and elbow, which had an abrasion. The man said that there were bystanders who witnessed the altercation but he didn’t know who they were. The officer noted that no other calls had come in about the fight. The officer told the man that it likely would be his word against theirs.

The Officer then attempted to find the ex-girlfriend’s father but he was not able to locate him to get his side of the story.