Local Swim Lessons

It’s warming up, and that means the kids are going to start gravitating toward water like moths to the porch light. But we all know that fear that at some point the kiddies will dive into the water and it will be too deep for them. It’s time to start planning swim lessons.

The Safford Pool opens Friday, May twenty-seventh. They have a variety of classes, and on the first day, the students will be evaluated in their class and may be moved to a level at which they will excel. All registration must be done at the Safford City Annex. Each swim lesson is forty dollars per person. They have a variety of lessons available. Their hours are Monday-Thursday from twelve thirty to five o’clock.

The Pima Pool offers swim lessons at thirty-five dollars per child per session. Two sessions are ten lessons. For more information, contact the Pima Town Hall at 928-485-2611.