Kouts says ‘use the parks’

Gila Valley Central Photo. Safford Mayor Jason Kouts.

SAFFORD – Safford Mayor Jason Kouts is suggesting those temporarily out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic take advantage of the city’s amenities.

“(I) definitely want to recommend that you get out and use the parks,” he said, “but maintain your social distancing. I’m just a firm believer that’s why we live here in rural Arizona. I like to be out and being locked up in the house, sometimes, is just for the birds.”

He recommends that anyone who uses the parks also bring their own disinfecting wipes for playground equipment, as the city does not have enough staff to clean the equipment after each use.

Also that parents be aware that restrooms at all city parks have been closed.

Kouts had been quarantined recently while seriously ill with pneumonia. He also underwent testing for COVID-19 that came back as negative.

Kouts also said the city has reversed course when it comes to City Council meetings. The meetings will not be streamed online, rather the council will continue to meet at the Safford Library program room and the meetings will remain open to the public. However, he stressed that social distancing rules will be enforced for those in attendance.