Intoxicated man arrested for providing false information

SAFFORD – A Safford police officer on patrol last Friday came across a man walking down the sidewalk at approximately 3:30 AM. The man appeared intoxicated from the way he was walking so the officer turned around and made contact with him to make sure he was okay. The man told the officer that he had just left a house where he had been drinking and asked the officer for a ride. The officer asked what his name was. The man said his name was Vincent and gave a birth year that the officer knew could not be real. The officer thought he might have misunderstood so he asked the man again the year he was born. He gave the same year again. The officer told him that he knew he could not have been born in the year he provided.

The man’s grandmother arrived on the scene. The man had apparently contacted her prior the officer’s arrival asking her to pick him up. The grandmother provided the officer with the man’s real name and date of birth. When the officer realized the man had given him false information he told him to turn around and place his hands behind his back. He told the man he was under arrest for providing false information to a law enforcement officer. The officer grabbed the man’s arm but he pulled away and started running on foot.

The man ran across an open dirt lot and came to a brick wall on the opposite side. The man tried to jump over the wall but couldn’t make it and jumped off. The officer collided with the man causing him to fall to the ground. The officer then placed the man in handcuffs and walked him back to his patrol car.

The officer determined the man was too intoxicated to take to jail so he released him to the man’s grandmother. Charges of false reporting are pending.