Intoxicated man arrested after assaulting a man who offered to to drive him home

A Graham County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the county fairgrounds on Saturday night at approximately 11:30 pm, in reference to an intoxicated man causing a disturbance at the Ag building. Responding deputies were told to enter the building through the back roll up door and that there were some men trying to start a fight.

When the deputy arrived, he found an intoxicated man who was attempting to stand up but kept falling down. The man was standing by the time the deputy reached him but was unable to keep his balance. The deputy asked the man to sit down. He then fell to the ground.

The deputy asked the man for his name so he could take him home. Initially the man would not answer but finally said that his name was Jay. The deputy asked the man, later identified as Jason Wilson, for his identification but the man said that he just wanted to go home.

A younger man approached and shook Wilson’s hand. He told the deputy that he used to date Wilson’s step daughter. He offered to take Wilson home. The deputy and the man helped Wilson stand up and walked him to the younger man’s car. The deputy told Wilson that he could take him home but Wilson indicated that he wanted the other man to take him home.

A short time later, the man came running back up to the deputy and was out of breath. He reportedly had blood in and around his mouth. He told the deputy that as he was driving down the road, Wilson accused him of “snitching” on him and hit the young man in the mouth. The man replied that had not snitched but Wilson said that he was going to fight the man once they reached his house.

The man grabbed his keys and ran back to the deputy. Three other deputies searched for Wilson and found him near the vehicle he had been riding in. He was booked into the Graham County Jail on one count of assault and one count of endangerment.