Hospital phone scams growing in prevalence

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SAFFORD — Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center has been notified of recent scam calls to Gila Valley residents.  These scammers pose as hospital employees and attempt to steal personal information from unsuspecting patients and caregivers.

Follow the tips below to protect personal information and keep hard-earned money safe:

Don’t rely on area codes or caller ID to determine if a caller is trustworthy. Scammers will often call with an area code that will look familiar to victims or match up with their phony back story. Modern technology makes it possible for individuals to manipulate caller ID, fooling the system into displaying that the number belongs to a hospital.

MGRMC officials will never call to ask for sensitive information. Be wary of anyone asking for a Social Security number, bank account information, or financial details. When in doubt, hang up and contact MGRMC directly to find out if the hospital requires any information or payment.

Those who do receive a suspicious call should notify MGRMC. If someone is impersonating hospital staff and attempting to defraud patients, report it to MGRMC at 1-800-664-3509.

MGRMC officials will issue a warning through the media and partners, preventing scammers from successfully deceiving their victims. This most recent wave of scams is a reminder to always be vigilant when speaking with unknown callers.

By remembering these tips and sharing them with friends and family, the tide of hospital phone scams can be curbed, no money lost and personal information stays protected.