Greenlee records third positive

CLIFTON —Greenlee County Health Department announced Monday evening that a third positive case of COVID-19 has been confirmed.

The case is believed to be travel related — as were the county’s previous two positive cases — however, it is not related to the previous two cases.

The Health Department stated it is continuing to investigate the case, contacting those who may have had contact with the patient. Any who have are in quarantine pending test results.

The San Carlos Apache Tribe also announced an increase in the number of tribal members who have tested positive.

While there are now eight members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe who have tested positive, none were tested or live on the reservation. One is in New Mexico; one in California; one in Youngstown, Ariz.; one in Tucson; and three in Phoenix, one of whom was transferred to the tribal hospital in Peridot for treatment. That person will return to Phoenix once he has recovered.

There have been 21 positive cases in Graham County since the start of the pandemic.

There have been no deaths related to COVID-19 in Graham or Greenlee counties or on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.