Graham increases slightly, Greenlee stagnant in Census response rate

SAFFORD —Graham County’s self-response rate for the U.S. Census has increased 2.8 points over the last two weeks but still lags behind the state as a whole.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports Graham County’s response rate at 46.8 percent, while Arizona’s response rate is 57 percent.

Safford leads the way in the county, with a 59.9 percent response rate, up six-tenths of a point from two weeks ago.

Thatcher is at 55 percent, up six-tenths of a point from two weeks ago and Pima’s response rate is at 32.6 percent, up two full points.

Greenlee County continues to lag well behind the majority of the state, with a 27.7 percent response rate, unchanged from May 22. Only Apache (4 percent), La Paz (11.7) and Navajo (21.1) counties have lower response rates

Clifton is at 22.7 percent response rate, while Duncan is at 22.6 percent. Both towns are up seven-tenths of a point from two weeks ago.

The nationwide response rate is 60.7 percent.