Graham County coronavirus count goes up by 11

- David Bell Graphic/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — Add another 11 new cases to Graham County’s coronavirus total.

On Tuesday, Graham County Health Department announced two new cases Monday and nine new cases Tuesday. Five of the cases are located in Safford and six in Thatcher.

Graham County’s total is up to 951, with 183 considered active and 26 deaths.

Graham County has experienced 100 new cases and one death through the first 13 days of October. Through the first 13 days of September the county saw 57 new cases and one death, while there were 98 new cases and 11 deaths through the first 13 days of August.

For the fourth time this month, Greenlee County Health Department announced residents testing positive for COVID-19.

The two new cases announced late Monday evening bring the county’s total to 66, with seven cases considered active and two deaths.

There have been seven new cases through the first 13 days of October, compared to one throughout the entire month of September and three through the entire month of August.