Graham County climbs to 18 positive cases of COVID-19

SAFFORD — The Graham County Health Department announced Friday three new positives cases of COVID-19, bringing the county’s total to 18 since the start of the pandemic.

The three newest cases were discovered through investigation into the cluster that first appeared in late April.

The three people detected with the virus all live in different communities — one in Safford, one in Pima and the third in Thatcher, becoming that town’s first case.

While the cases stem from the currently identified cluster, the Health Department said, “In Graham County, we’ve seen enough COVID-19 activity through our contact tracing to determine our latest cluster could have entered our valley through several different sources. Our community determines how COVID-19 is spread. Because of this, our Health Department recommends wearing facemasks when in public and complying to Governor Ducey’s stay at home executive order. These are great tools that can minimize the spread of viral material.”

The ages of the positive cases thus far are:

● Under 20 — four

● 35-55 — eight

● 65 and older — six

All positive cases are either recovering at home or have fully recovered; none are currently hospitalized and there are no deaths.