Governor Hobbs signs bill relieving Arizona families from excessive legal fees

(PHOENIX, AZ) – Governor Katie Hobbs gathered youth justice advocates and the team from Stand for Children Arizona for a ceremonial signing of SB1197 on Monday, August 21, 2023. The bill signals a significant move towards justice by eliminating excessive administrative fees in juvenile court.

“These fees put unnecessary financial stress on children and their families when they should be focused on rehabilitation. They hold individuals back at a time in their life when what they really need is help moving forward,” remarked Governor Hobbs during the ceremony. “I want to say a special thank you to Stand for Children,” said Hobbs, singling out the organization for their efforts on advocating for children and families. “Their persistence and dedication is truly admirable.”

With the passage of SB1197, Arizona’s youth will no longer be charged administrative fees for things like access to public defenders and setting up payment plans. As a result, countless individuals will be saved from being saddled with debt, paving the way for them to make a fresh start without the looming threat of these unfair fees.

The bill passed the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, demonstrating Arizonians commitment to fair and logical reforms in the criminal justice system – especially for the most vulnerable.

“We are particularly grateful to bill sponsor Senator David Gowan, co-sponsor Representative Alma Hernandez, Governor Hobbs and the entire legislature for this strong bipartisan support,” stated Rebecca Gau, Stand for Children Arizona Executive Director. “Our heartfelt thanks also go out to the many Arizona youth and families who bravely shared their stories and took a stand against these unjust fees.”


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