Gila Valley Idol kicks off Thursday

Callbacks: Maria Clark, Jordan Lawson, Laura Meehl

Gila Valley Idol 2019 competition kicks off this Thursday, January 31 at 6:00 p.m. at Pollocks Western Outfitters in Safford. The contestants for this preliminary are:

  1. Taylor Jones
  2. Ashlynn Farar
  3. Cheyenne Garcia
  4. Bethany Artman
  5. Billy Perez
  6. Cameron Davis
  7. Bradlee Sanders
  8. Brenden Wahl
  9. Miranda Hernandez
  10. Maddy Kamae
  11. Carol Malovich
  12. Laura Meehl
  13. Maria Clark
  14. John Tucker
  15. Kristen Brune

Contestants are subject to change

Judges for this week’s preliminary are:

2016 Idol Winner-Brianna Morris
2018 Idol Winner-Pete McCormick
2008 Idol Winner-Adam Crohn

The preliminary will open with a performance by 2008 Idol winner Adam Crohn. 2017 Winner, Darryn Kamae, will also perform during the judges break.

At each preliminary, the judges will pick:

  • 3 finalists
  • 1 or more alternates
  • 1 callback

The finalists will go straight to the final competition. The callback contestants will compete at the Plank on March 21. After the preliminaries are over, one alternate will be chosen to compete in the final competition by popular vote.

For more information on the Gila Valley Idol competition, or to enter, check out our Gila Idol 2019 page.