Gila Idol 2019 update

GilaIdol 19 Bull Pen Finalists - Sherri McCurdy, Hannah Bradley, Traci Chamberlin

The Gila Valley Idol competition just finished found four of the preliminaries at the Bull Pen last night. There are two more preliminaries and one callback night before the final contest on Friday, March 29, 2019 at the David M. Player Center for the Arts. An alternate has also been selected at each performance. The public will have the opportunity to watch their performance videos and vote for the contestant they think should compete in the final competition. The voting will be available on GilaValleyCentral after the callback night on Thursday, March 21.

So far, the finalists who will compete in the final competition include:

Brenden Wahl
Maddy Kamae
Laura Meehl
Haley Bendal
Issy Alder
Emmary Noble
Jordyn Lawson
Cierra Meyers
Matt Allen
Traci Chamberlin
Hannah Bradley
Sherri McCurdy

Contestants for callback night:

Bethany Artman
Kristen Brune
John Tucker
Ashley Clement
Becky Clark
Jeremy Gonzales
Rachel Clark
Hunter Chamberlin
Shayla Smith
Shauna Coleman
Kellan Lambson


Taylor Jones
Harley Weathersby
Brinley Kempton
Fulton Herreras

To see the complete list of contestants and videos of their performances, visit the GilaIdol page.