First Color on Main event to be held at this year’s SalsaFest

Brooke Curley Photo/Gila Valley Central: Local artists are excited for the first ever Color on Main event at this year's Salsa Fest.

SAFFORD – When visiting the Salsa Trail this year, don’t forget to view the works of art beneath one’s feet.

Local artists will showcase their art on Main Street in an inaugural sidewalk chalk art competition during this year’s SalsaFest. Various artists will section off a personal area of sidewalk to present their work for the event dubbed, “Color on Main.”

All of the local high schools and Eastern Arizona College (EAC) have been invited to participate. The competition will charge each artist $10. The fee will cover the price of supplies and prize money. Additionally, there will be an area where children 5 and under can color the sidewalk for free. Since the SalsaFest is a family event, the artwork must be G-rated.

Jenny Howard, Safford Utilities director and owner of Ginaveve’s Market Place at 401 W. Main St., is in charge of the Color on Main event.

“We’re going to have an area for kids 5 and under, (and) we’re working on a big color book, so the images will already be there for the kids to color,” Howard said. “For kids 6 years old and over, the squares will be roughly 9×10. You can split a square and have two small squares.”

Anyone interested in obtaining more information can e-mail to receive an application and information packet. However, until the fee has been paid, you cannot proceed with the contest. Applicant forms can be picked up at Ginaveve’s Market Place, and the deadline to apply is Sept. 23. The event will be located between Central Avenue and 5th Avenue.

“The EAC Art Department is already very excited about it,” Howard said. “There are a couple of professional artists (who) are wanting to do it as well.”

Andrea Jenson, a Thatcher resident and art professor at EAC, told Gila Valley Central that she will be participating in the event and is very excited about it.

“We don’t see enough public art,” Jenson said. “I’m excited about the bright colors. I’ve been so excited that they’re pushing through with this. I like that they’ve left it open to a huge age range. I hope they continue (it next year), and I also hope it’s very successful. I think this is what people look for when they think of festival and when they think of art. They expect to see bright colors, art and people being creative. I love (the) SalsaFest.”