Families Fighting Cancer Together 3 On 3 basketball tournament October 30, 2021!

GRAHAM AND GREENLEE COUNTIES– Families Fighting Cancer Together, a chamber member, is excited to announce their Inaugural 3 On 3 Basketball Tournament.

Families Fighting Cancer Together is a nonprofit dedicated to monetarily assisting families as their loved ones undergo cancer treatment. Newly formed in December of 2020, the FFCT will be holding three events during the year to help raise funds for the families they support.  The basketball tournament will be one of the larger fundraising events, encompassing multiple ages from middle schoolers to adults.

The tournament will be on October 30, 2021 and will begin at 8:30 a.m. Adult players will be competing at the Eastern Arizona College basketball court, while the teen players will compete at the Thatcher High School court, and the middleschool competitors will be at the Thatcher Middle School courts. The winning team will be awarded t-shirts. Each team has an entrance fee of $80 for the tournament.

Right now the FFCT is supporting three families, said FFCT founder and board member, Luke Hatch. The money from the tournament will help these families.

For more information on the tournament, and how to sign up, visit https://ffct.us.