EMT becomes victim of aggravated assault

SAFFORD – Last Friday around 10:30 pm, officers responded to a residence due to the report of a female juvenile who had taken unknown medication. When authorities arrived, they found the juvenile laying on the floor screaming while the father attempted to calm her down. The juvenile was experiencing very erratic mood swings. As she would scream and kick, she became an endangerment to herself and others around her. The juvenile was placed in handcuffs and when LifeLine Ambulance arrived, officers walked the juvenile out to the ambulance as she continued to kick and scream.

According to the police report, it was obvious the juvenile was under the influence of some type of drug and/or alcohol. The officers assisted an EMT and Paramedic in placing the juvenile on the gurney. As they lifted her onto the gurney and were attempting to place the safety belts on the juvenile, she kicked the EMT on the right side of his head causing him to fall to the ground. The EMT had identified himself as being an EMT and was also wearing a uniform while arriving on scene in a fully marked LifeLine Ambulance. The juvenile’s legs were secured as she was being transported in the ambulance. The EMT’s eye reportedly started to swell and turn black and when asked by an officer if he wished to press charges stated that he did.