Elderly woman struck by car

SAFFORD – Authorities were notified last Friday of an elderly woman that had been hit by a vehicle at the Sunshine Valley Apartments. The driver of the vehicle reported she was backing out slowly and did not see the elderly woman walking in the roadway. She ran into her, causing the woman to fall and hit her head. The driver reported there is little light on the south side where she was parked and could not see much. The officer had the elderly woman stay where she was until EMT’s arrived to help her.

The victim reported to the officer that she had been walking around the apartment complex with her walker in the roadway. She also stated the driver had not hit her very hard and knew it was an accident. The elderly woman’s son was at the scene helping, and when Lifeline arrived, due to the woman’s age and her having a bump on the back of her head, she was transported to Graham County Regional Medical Center.

The driver was found not at fault for the incident, the victim was released from the hospital and advised to have supervision for the remainder of the night.