Eastern Arizona Science Initiative holds third annual “Girls Only” Science Day Camp

The Eastern Arizona Science Initiative held their 3rd annual “Girls Only” STEM Science Day-Camp Saturday, January 20th with 30 girls 7th through 9th grade, from Graham and Greenlee Counties to engage in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lessons and activities designed especially for these young women.

The girls received career information and lessons during four sessions from female instructors with a variety of professional backgrounds and experience. The day started with a light breakfast and continued with a trip over to the EAC “FabLab” with Kay Ellett: EAC Technology Envoy, where they observed the operation of a 3D printer, then they learned about the new laser engraver where they were able to create personalized wooden nametags with the equipment, and then they worked on a vinyl cutter to reveal elaborate designs to place on the nametags and view several of the amazing items fabricated using the equipment in the “FabLab”. The activities continued into the EAC Nursing Building where Carolyn McCormies, EAC Nursing Program Director and several nursing students taught the girls about careers in Nursing and participated in hands-on “Phlebotomy” inserting I.V. needles into a manikin arm to test their proficiency. They girls also learned how to prepare a finger cast and then went over basic First Aid, the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. The girls then returned to the Discovery Park Ranch House for lunch, along with lots of laughing and conversations on what they had learned so far. After lunch the activities continued with an interesting lesson from Shannon Sohlden and Ellie Somerville, Metallurgists from Freeport McMoRan, on mining principles and played a game to understand production goals and challenges in locating minerals in ore. The fourth lesson was an exciting lesson on Photography by Jessica Flowers, Jessica Flowers Photography, where they learned the principles of the “rule of thirds” and how to “drive the eyes”. The girls were able to take photographs with their phones and digital cameras and receive immediate feedback and suggestions on how to improve them.

The goal of the “Girls Only” STEM Day-Camp is to provide girls from throughout Eastern Arizona the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from professional women involved in STEM careers, and to empower these girls to aspire for higher education in STEM related courses, and ultimately pursue a STEM related careers.

The Eastern Arizona Science Initiative is a group of teachers and professionals who have come together to improve science education and offer extracurricular STEM activities for students with an interest in the sciences. If you are interested in participating with any of the EASI activities and events please contact Paul Anger, Chair of EASI, at paul.anger@eac.edu .