Drunken man beats girlfriend for not having food ready for Thanksgiving

A woman called police after coming home and finding that her mother had been beaten up by her mother’s boyfriend the night before Thanksgiving. When deputies arrived the woman told them that she had come home at approximately 11:00 pm and found her mother lying on the couch with blood on her face and a swollen eye.

The older woman told deputies that she had been cooking food for Thanksgiving while her boyfriend was drinking alcohol. The woman said her boyfriend went crazy and began yelling at her that she was lazy and stupid and was not going to have any of the food ready in time for Thanksgiving. The drunken man reportedly grabbed her and hit her head on the oven then punched her in the face. She told deputies that she tried to call 911 but her boyfriend grabbed her phone and hung it up. The man released his grip on the woman and she fell to the floor. He then allegedly grabbed her by the hair and drug her across the floor. He then kicked her in the stomach and walked away.

The woman said she walked outside to get some fresh air. When she went back inside, her boyfriend told her he was going to bed. At that point the woman laid down on the couch and fell asleep until her daughter came home.

Two deputies went to the bedroom where the man was sleeping and woke him up. They asked him to get out of bed but he said he didn’t want to get up. They asked him what had happened that evening and he said that he and his girlfriend had a fight but everything was okay. The deputies got the man out of bed and placed him in handcuffs. They walked him out of the bedroom and, again, asked him what happened. The man continued to claim that his girlfriend was cooking and they had an argument but everything was okay.

When asked if anything had gotten physical between them, the man reportedly began talking in incomplete sentences and was not answering the deputy’s questions. The man was placed under arrest and taken to the Graham County Jail. Deputies told the woman she could file an order of protection against the man.