Driver with suspended license tries to evade police, woman with warrant found in car

On Thursday, January 16, a Safford police officer working an overtime detail south of town observed a black two-door hatchback exceeding the posted speed limit of 55 MPH on Highway 191. The officer turned on the vehicle and saw it make a right-hand turn onto Quail Trail. When the officer turned on Quail Trail, the vehicle accelerated in an apparent effort to evade the officer.

The officer turned on his emergency lights and went after the vehicle, which was traveling at approximately 60 MPH and still pulling away from the officer in pursuit. Two other vehicles yielded to the officer’s lights for him to get by them. When the officer got to the stop sign at Stockton Road, he saw tire tracks in the dirt where the suspects vehicle had made a left turn in a high rate of speed.

The officer turned left and soon caught up to the vehicle, which was stopped on the right side of the road. The officer approached the vehicle and had the driver and front passenger get out of the vehicle. The officer asked why they were trying to avoid him. The female in the driver’s seat and male passenger claimed that they didn’t see the officer until they turned onto Stockton Road.

The officer asked the couple who was driving. The woman said that she had been driving. The male said that he was not driving because his license was suspended. It had been raining and the officer pointing out that there was a set of footprints that left the driver’s side door and walked around to the passenger side. The officer again asked who was driving. The man who had been in the passenger seat admitted that he was driving and didn’t want to get caught driving on a suspended license. The officer wrote the man a citation for driving on a suspended license.

There were two passengers in the back seat. The officer asked for their information and discovered that one of the passengers, identified as Kandra Pardick, had an active warrant for her arrest. She was booked into the Graham County Jail without incident. The woman who originally claimed to be driving the vehicle was allowed to drive the vehicle from the scene since she had a valid driver’s license.