Busy Weekend for Border Patrol Agents in Lordsburg

LORDSBURG, New Mexico – U.S. Border Patrol Agents in New Mexico once again encountered multiple groups of aliens in the boot heel of New Mexico that were smuggled up to the border.

On July 19, a group of 88 illegal aliens were arrested by United States Border Patrol Agents working in the area near the Antelope Wells Port of Entry. The majority of individuals from this group were from Central America with many in the group immediately claiming the need for medical care. All were medically cleared without issue despite the high temperatures. The group included family groups with small children as well as unaccompanied juveniles that continue to put their trust and money in smuggling organizations while undertaking the dangerous journey.

Included in the group was a family unit consisting of a father and a minor child.  Record checks revealed that the father, a 30-year-old from Guatemala, had an outstanding warrant from Ford County, Kansas, for rape of a child under the age of 14 and aggravated kidnapping.  That warrant was confirmed and verified.

In the early morning hours July 20, agents from the Lordsburg station were patrolling near Hachita, New Mexico, when they encountered two individuals on the side of the road.  The area in which the group was located is known for human smuggling activity.  Agents questioned the two individuals as to their citizenship, to which they stated they were citizens of Mexico without immigration documents to be present in the United States. Agents placed both illegal aliens under arrest and transported them to the Lordsburg station.

Record checks revealed that one of the adult males had a lengthy criminal history including a conviction for robbery with a weapon, a first-degree felony, as well as arrests for various offences including threatening a person, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.  The 37-year-old man from Mexico was also previously deported, and is now pending criminal prosecution for 8 USC 1326, illegal re-entry.

On July 22 agents working near the border in New Mexico located foot prints of several subjects that had made an illegal entry into the United States.  Agents immediately began following the foot prints that led up to Highway 9, where a U-Haul truck had been seen. The vehicle was then spotted traveling west on Highway 9.  U.S. Border Patrol Agents initiated a traffic stop, and with the assistance of a canine, agents discovered a group of illegal aliens in the back of the truck.  Border Patrol agents noted that the only ventilation in the sweltering cargo area for all 17 illegal aliens was a 2-inch opening at the rear door.  A total of 17 illegal aliens and one U.S. citizen were transported to the Deming Border Patrol station for processing.  The U.S. citizen driver remains in custody and is pending charges of alien smuggling.