Burglars nab guns, cash & jewelry

A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a county home in reference to a burglary on Wednesday night at approximately 10:15 PM.

The reporting party said that she had left the house at approximately 1:00 PM and that her husband left for work at about 5:00 that afternoon. The woman reported that when she arrived home later that evening, she noticed that the front porch light was off, which is normally left on at night. When she approached the front door to insert her key, she discovered that the door was not locked. She told the deputy that her husband always locks the door before leaving for work.

When the woman entered the house she noticed that the window in the kitchen was open and that things in the bedroom had been thrown all over the room. She soon discovered that her husband’s guns were missing along with her jewelry, laptop, $400.00 in cash and her checkbook.

The deputy examined the open window in the kitchen and noticed that it had been pried open, as the metal on the track was bent in one place. The deputy noted that the window had dirt both on the inside and outside, which did not appear to be disturbed as if somebody grabbed onto it to open the window. The only footprints on the outside apparently belonged to the couple’s son-in-law who had reportedly been there earlier to check on the storage sheds out back. The deputy also noted that nothing on the kitchen counter had been moved to facilitate somebody climbing in through the window.

The woman told the deputy that she didn’t know who might have broken into her house. She said that there are some problem people in the area and that her back fence is down, making it easy for somebody to come onto her property.

The son-in-law, who lives next door said that he did not hear anything or see anyone in the area. He said that his dogs had been barking earlier in the evening but didn’t think anything of it since the dogs frequently bark at people outside. The woman told the deputy that her daughter has a key to the house, but that she was at work and wouldn’t have come into the house or taken anything.

The woman was advised to contact her bank to cancel the missing checks and to bring by serial numbers for the firearms at a later date.

The case remains under investigation.