Belly Dancing to Health at the Rose Hill Wellness in Thatcher

If you’re looking for something new and exciting but want to burn some calories along the way, the Rose Hill Wellness Studio in Thatcher is the place for you. Rajani Doyle is the belly dancing instructor, and she has been dancing for roughly thirty three years.  She and her class get together weekly on Wednesdays at four. Together, they practice the ancient and exhilarating art of belly dancing.


Belly Dancing Class at Rose Hill Wellness

Specializing in Egyptian, Turkish, and Lebanese styles of belly dancing, Rajani is a firm believer in the benefits of the dance. “I have a friend who dances and is eighty years old, and the oldest of three sisters. She is the only one not in a wheel chair,” Rajani stated, “Personally, I had a major scare a few years ago and the doctor said that if I had not have been dancing, I would have had a stroke. It’s really great exercise.”  Graceful rolls, hip drops, and pivots, help form healthy muscles in the trunk, abdomen, pelvis, and neck. “Belly dancing makes me feel graceful, confident, and flexible,” Rajani said.

For those who fear that they wouldn’t be able to belly dance, Rajani said, “If you can move you can dance.” It doesn’t matter if you’re big, small, man, or woman, all are welcome to Rajani’s class. “We have professional dancers, thin dancers, muscular dancers, we have some rather voluptuous dancers, and everybody is accepted.” The class is small, and the dancers come to relax, work out, and have some personal time with their belly dancing tribe. “Everybody is shy. They say, ‘oh I can’t move that way,” Rajani stated, “You can’t. That’s why you come to class. I try to adjust my lessons to how people learn.”

For the dancers who fear the bare-bellied outfit, you can put your mind at ease. When she was asked if everyone has to wear the popular bra and skirt outfit, Rajani said that it was optional. “We don’t bare our bellies,” she answered, “I never have. That’s a misconception. If you want to, great. But you don’t have to.”

Rajani also offers personal lessons and two day intensive lessons. However, she only works through the Rose Hill Wellness studio. “You’re not going to pick it up in a day,” She said, “It’s just using the muscles you have in a different way.”  This ancient dance could be a charming new adventure for anyone searching for something exciting and different. At the end of the interview, Rajani said, “Dance because you can. Dance for yourself, and nobody else.” In a world where we all try so hard to impress others and become a perfect model in an imperfect society, what better words can anyone live by? If you feel the need to dance, dance for yourself and no one else.


Rose Hill Studio: (928) 965-9545