Authorities looking for suspect in tire theft

Authorities are investigating the theft of a tire from Walmart on Saturday. When the officer arrived, he was presented with photos of the suspect and a receipt showing the price of $70 for the stolen tire. The incident occurred at about 10:30 Saturday morning.

Video footage showed the man get a sticker from an associate, which he placed on the tire. The sticker contained a bar code to be scanned to purchase the tire. There were a lot of people waiting to check out so the man took the tire and went to the back of the line. The man then left the tire in the line for a few minutes while he walked outside the tire & lube exit doors. A few minutes later the man came back in, picked up the tire and walked to the garden center. The man exited the store through the garden center without paying for the tire.

The check out receipt showed the man’s first name and cell phone number. The officer tried the cell phone but did not make contact. The suspect was approximately 5’10” tall, wearing a blue shirt and a black hat backwards. He had a small amount of facial hair on his chin and numerous tattoos.