Arizona is the No. 4 State where farms use the most water

With 42% of annual freshwater withdrawals in the U.S. used for agriculture, where are farms irrigating the most?

To mark National Agriculture Day on March 19, LawnStarter ranked 2024’s States Where Farms Use the Most Water.

How does Arizona stack up in key metrics (1st = Most Irrigated)?

  • Total Irrigated Farm Acres – 18th
  • Share of Irrigated Farmland – 13th
  • Share of Large Farms (2,000+ Acres) Out of Total Irrigated Farms – 11th
  • Average Water Use per Irrigated Acre of Farmland – 1st

To come up with the ranking, all 50 states were compared by the prevalence of irrigated agriculture, including total irrigated farm acres, share of irrigated farmland, and average water use per irrigated acre of farmland. The share of large irrigated farms (2,000-plus acres) was also a consideration. 

Why is LawnStarter ranking States Where Farms Use the Most Water? Lawns require lots of water, as do the irrigation systems that grow our crops. 

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