Andazola: Time to look at the pink donation boxes

David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central. Safford City Councilman Mike Andazola is asking city staff to review city code as it regards to the pink clothing donation boxes placed around the community.

SAFFORD — A Safford City Councilman is asking staff to look into the pink clothing donation boxes that have been placed around the Gila Valley.

“To see . . . if these containers are even supposed to be in our community,” said Michael Andazola. “What do we have to service our nonprofit organizations that assist our county.”

The bins have been placed in the county — in the parking lots of local businesses as well as Safford schools — by American Recyclers, a company based in Houston. The company states it is working with Save the Family Foundation, a nonprofit group based in Mesa.

The boxes are not affiliated with local nonprofits that take donations — St. Vicent de Paul Society and Graham County Rehabilitation Center — and resell the donations to fund programs including a local food bank and services for Gila Valley residents with special needs.

In addition to seeking answers about permitting regulations, Andazola is also staff to check on the city code when it comes to the boxes and littering.

“There are concerns because we’re having a mess left beside these containers,” he said, “and I don’t think that makes our city look good.”

Andazola made his request of staff at the last week’s City Council meeting and staff is expected to report back the next time the council meets.