Allred: No cases of COVID-19 in Graham County Jail

Graham County Sheriff PJ Allred, during a 2020 appearance on Voice of the Valley. - David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central.

THATCHER —While jails and prisons have been COVID-19 hotspots around the country, Graham County Sheriff PJ Allred said that hasn’t been the case in the Gila Valley.

“We’ve been very lucky in our facility. We don’t have any; we don’t have any inmates who have the COVID or anything like that at all. Having said that, we’ve taken some really good measures,” Allred said during an appearance on Voice of the Valley.

Allred credited Graham County Health Department Director Brian Douglas for working with the Sheriff’s Office on a mitigation plan for the Graham County Jail to prevent or reduce spread of COVID-19.

Allred also credited the prisoners whom, he said, work diligently physical distancing when possible, wash hands regularly and keep their living spaces as sanitized as possible.

The U.S. Bureau of Prison only reports active cases and currently shows five cases of COVID-19 in Arizona — one staff member at FCI-Phoenix,  one staff member at FCI-Tucson and three inmates at Dismas in Tucson.

The Arizona Department of Corrections reports 349 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 with four confirmed deaths and five pending autopsy. ASPC-Safford reports three inmates tested positive with one fully recovered.