Airport Business Park’s third tenant is N-Drip Irrigation

SAFFORD — Slightly more than one year after announcing plans to lease land at the airport for commercial and industrial use, Safford Regional Airport – 1Lt Duane Spalsbury Field announced its third tenant.

On social medial, Airport officials said N-Drip Irrigation has selected the Airport Business Park for its base of operation in the Gila Valley.

On its website, N-Drip Irrigation describes itself as a “gravity-powered micro-irrigation” system, that does not require an external energy source or pressure-based water filtration. Its system is in use around the world.

“The Business Park is able to serve tenants for a variety of uses including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, laydown yards, equipment storage, and more,” Airport officials wrote on social media.

N-Drip Irrigation joins BF Goodrich and Ponderosa Metal Works at the Airport Business Park.