8th time is the charm for 2018 Gila Valley Idol winner

Safford – The 2018 Gila Valley Idol competition took the stage at the David M. Player Center for the Arts on Thursday as 19 hopefuls competed for the title and $1000 prize.

Darren Kamae and Adam Crohn kicked the night off each singing before the contestants took the stage.

After competing in seven prior Idol competitions, Pete McCormick walked away with the title and the prize. Other winners included:

  • 2nd place: Madeline Kamae
  • 3rd place: Hannah Bradley
  • 4th place: Ashley Clement
  • 5th place: Bre Hancock

The judges for the competition were Adam Crohn, Darren Kamae and Breanna Morris. Kamae was replaced with Olivia Jeffs during his daughter, Madeline’s performance.

While the judges deliberated, the audience was serenaded by previous Idol winners Breanna Morris and Damien Larson. Oliva Jeffs sang a duet with her brother, Evan Crockett and the final song of the evening was performed by Teresa Campbell.

  • Darren Kamae
    Darren Kamae
  • Adam Crohn
    Adam Crohn
  • Ashley Clement
    Ashley Clement
  • Laura Meel
    Laura Meel
  • Morgan Miller
    Morgan Miller
  • Jamie Tellez
    Jamie Tellez
  • Bre Hancock
    Bre Hancock
  • Shayla Smith
    Shayla Smith
  • Hamilton Bolen
    Hamilton Bolen
  • Izzy Alder
    Izzy Alder
  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller
  • Harley Overton
    Harley Overton
  • Pete McCormick
    Pete McCormick
  • Madeline Kamae
    Madeline Kamae
  • Jeff Willey
    Jeff Willey
  • Conner Hansen
    Conner Hansen
  • Jerica Young
    Jerica Young
  • Hayden Finch
    Hayden Finch
  • Hannah Bradley
    Hannah Bradley
  • Holly Shumway
    Holly Shumway
  • Lacy Bryce
    Lacy Bryce
  • Ethan Crockett & Olivia Jeffs
    Ethan Crockett & Olivia Jeffs
  • Damien Larson
    Damien Larson
  • Breanna Morris
    Breanna Morris
  • Teresa Campbell
    Teresa Campbell