Mom prevents teenage burglary attempt

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – A mother who works the night shift was awakened Aug. 26 and found two unknown teenagers in her home.

The woman said she was the lone occupant of the house and was sleeping during the day when she thought she heard a faint knock at her door. Upon hearing a second knock, she got up, put on a robe and went to see who it was.

The woman said she opened the front door to see nobody was there. She then turned to walk into her living room and saw two teenage boys standing between her kitchen and living room.

She described the boys as both being white and roughly 13-15 years old. One of the boys had a blue backpack that was empty except for a water bottle.

The boys said they thought a friend of theirs named “Joey Bingham” lived there and that Bingham had told them to come over and let themselves in the house.

The woman thought their answer was suspicious and was concerned because her front door was locked. She deduced that the teenagers had entered through her unlocked laundry room door and intended to burglarize the residence.

She told the boys that nobody named Bingham lived there and escorted them out the front entrance.

An officer searched the area for the teenagers to no avail. The officer also spoke with Safford Middle School Principal Clay Emory, who informed that there was no student named Joey Bingham enrolled at the school.