College-age men trash McDonalds, steal food

Authorities were called the McDonalds in Safford at approximately 2:30 in the morning on Sunday, December 8, 2019. The reporting party said that approximately 25 college students had been coming into the restaurant every night around the same time, trashing the place and causing problems. Shortly before the Safford officer arrived, the woman said that there had been a group of young men there yelling at her and throwing things around the store. They allegedly ran behind the registers, grabbed food off of the prep table and ran out. The reporting party said the men took food that was not made for them. She said that the last one of the men stole food and on the way out, pushed on the register displays, knocking one off the counter top.

Two women told the officer that they had been waiting for their food for about an hour. Their food order had been taken by the young men multiple times before the women could get to it. They said that the employee was refusing to make their order again or give them a refund because she believed that they were with the men causing problems. The women told the officer that they had no idea who the men were.

The manager on duty reportedly told the officer that the college students had been coming in for a while. The officer asked why they had not called police before. The manager said that in prior incidents the students were only being loud and leaving messes.

The officer told them to call police if the same men come in or if anybody starts yelling in the store. He also asked them to finish the food order for the two young women, pointing out that they were not with the young men causing problems.

The men causing problems have not yet been identified.