Podcasting Class

A class this fall at EAC will take you through the entire process of creating and hosting a podcast. The class will teach you how to plan, implement and sustain a professional podcast.

Students will create a podcast from start to finish. The course will focus on fundamental audio recording and editing techniques, microphones, the recording environment and vocal techniques.

Students may create and launch a podcast either individually or as a group.

The class will break down the process into 18 steps:

  1. What is the purpose of the podcast?
  2. Who is your podcast for?
  3. Why should they listen?
  4. Naming your podcast
  5. How long should an episode be?
  6. How often should I release an episode?
  7. Choosing good episode titles
  8. Choosing a podcast format
  9. Recording equipment
  10. Recording & editing software
  11. Scripting your show
  12. How to talk into a mic
  13. Recording remote guests or co-hosts
  14. Editing your podcast
  15. Music for your podcast
  16. Creating podcast cover art
  17. How to publish your podcast
  18. Next steps after you launch

MDC162 – “Recording Techniques for Voice Acting” meets Thursday evenings from 6-=9p.m., in ITB-116.

Sign up for the class at www.eac.edu

GIFT will cover the cost of the class for any high school Sophomore, Junior or Senior who want to take the class.