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Gila Valley Central Staff

Dan Curtis
General Manager/Publisher

Dan was raised in Safford and has lived here most of his life. He was trained in audio engineering at the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco. He spent 12 years in the San Francisco Bay Area working in live sound and recording. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business and a Master of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

Dan has managed Majik 100.7 FM since it went on the air in 2003. He has worked in radio for more than 22 years. He has written and produced thousands of radio commercials. Dan is also a musician and has written a handful of jingles for advertising. As technology evolved into the digital age, Dan saw the opportunity to develop an online news service for the Gila Valley and surrounding area. The result of that vision is this website.


Roger Martin
Graphic design – Art Director/Production & Accounts Manager

Roger was instrumental in developing Gila Valley Central from the ground up. He joined Majik 100.7 FM in January of 2012 before the company began plans for an online news service.  He brought many years of business management experience. His prior experience includes department management in a large national bank, working in customer service and collateral management. He’s worked project management in the construction/remodeling field, and he also owned a business in Tempe along with his wife Kathi.

Roger received his degree in advertising art which he wanted to do ever since he was in high school. It was either Graphic Arts or Rock Star! He still plays rock star on the weekends and we have seen it. We think Graphic Arts was the right decision.

Jon Johnson
News Director

Jon was raised in southern Arizona and attended Pima Community College and the University of Arizona, where he studied theater arts, English and creative writing. After suffering an injury while performing as a stunt man at Trail Dust Town in Tucson, he focused on improvisational theater, until he realized there was no money to be made. Afterward, he turned to the lucrative world of journalism and has been writing news for the Gila Valley for more than a decade.

Jon has won numerous awards for his years working in print journalism, including multiple first place awards in various categories from the Arizona Newspapers Association, including best multimedia, investigative reporting, sustained coverage and more.


Brooke Curley

Brooke Curley was born in California and raised in the Gila Valley. Brooke Curley is an EAC and BYU-I graduate. Specializing in art and creative writing, she lives in the Gila Valley. She moved back to the valley with her family 2011. A professional writer and reporter, she has completed three books. She is an active dancer and performs yearly at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. She is part of the historical dance troupe, the Danseries. She enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, and experiencing life. She is married and has three beautiful kids and one Rottweiler who thinks he’s a kid too.



Eric Burk

Eric Burk has lived in the Gila Valley off and on for the past 11 years, and has a background in journalism and photography. Eric is interested in recording the way things are, and drawing people’s attention to the important details. He enjoys hiking in remote parts of Graham County and taking photographs of what he finds, with an emphasis on low light settings. Eric also enjoys reading, music, and machining.





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